Acer XF Titanium Driver with QuikFit 10,5 RH

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Das Quikfit® System ist eine schnelle und bezahlbare Lösung um Schläger dem Kunden "anzupassen". Dies ist nur für das "Fitting" gedacht (und nicht um damit zu spielen!). Man kann mit diesem System verschiedene Schäfte mit unterschiedlichen Köpfen kombinieren um die richtigen Kombination für den Kunden zu finden. Bestimmte Driver und 6er Eisen sind speziell vorbereitet, um die Quikfit® Adapter aufzunehmen. Jeder Schlägerkopf mit Quikfit® - Vorbereitung kommt mit einem Quikfit® - Adapter, weitere sind separat erhältlich.
Bitte beachten: Die QukiFit® Adapter sind nicht kompatibel bzw. passen für keine andere Marke!
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The QuikFit® system is quick and affordable solution to custom clubfitting. The purpose is for fitting only (and not play) as a way to interchange heads with different shafts in order to find the right combination a customer might need. Select drivers and 6-irons are especially bored to accept the QuikFit® adapter. Each Quikfit head comes with one adapter (extra adapters sold separately). Note the QuikFit® adapters will not fit any other brand of clubs on the market.

The Acer XF is our flagship model and available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels. The classic appearance has a lot of functionality found in those national name brand clubs but at a fraction of the cost. After all, you are simply looking for a driver that will provide you with all that extra forgiveness without worrying about all that technical mumbo jumbo. The Acer XF is finished with a durable black PVD coating which provides a stunning appearance that will make you the envy of your foursome.

Distance yourself from the competition by adding power, confidence and forgiveness back to your game with the stylish Acer XF titanium driver series.


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